Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Earn by writing blogs,articles,forums.

If you can write you can earn as well.If you are interested in writing and want to earn I have a good opportunity for you. Below I have given a link, register yourself in that site. Registration is absolutely free and requires no investment at all. Log in to the site and update your profile.
Your job is to write blogs,articles,forums,etc. You can also earn by adding photos,music,videos,etc. So,Isn't it exciting. Utilize your free time and start earning.You are paid for every blog or article you write,forum you post,and the photos,videos,music you add. The earings are fixed and are different for every category.As you do your job, your earnings are reflected in your account.http://expertinn.com/?idAff=7819
provides you the opportunity to earn in your free time.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Earn by sharing your pictures for FREE

This is also a very good option of working from home. All you need is a nice collection of your pictures. Log in to the below link. Register yourself, which is absolutetly free. Create your profile, your own gallery and add pictures to the gallery. The site will inturn provide you links you can add to your blogs,websites,orkut,facebook,etc. When anyone clicks on your picture you are paid for the click, which is very genuine. Click below to start earning.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Earn from home by reading E-mails

As in my earlier post I have explained how to earn by posting ads from the site
www.a2965.eifhglobalbiz.com or http://www.adpp.eifh.biz?website=a2965, now I will explain you how you can earn money by reading E-mails.
An organisation known as "Rupee Mail" provides you this opportunity.
Firstly you have to register yourself  to  the organisation. To register please click on the following image.

Registration is free of charge. It does not demand any investment or registration fees.
You have to provide them your Email, where they will send you the emails from which you earn.
You get paid to open and read the rupee mails. It is a very easy job, does'nt require a lot of efforts.
So if you want to work from home or want to utilize your free time, I think this is a better option.
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Earn by simple copy and pasting ads

I know there are many fake sites which promote the same jobs. But, there is one site which I found reliable and genuine. I can say it from my personal experience. There was a time when I was at home and had nothing to do. I tried many work from home jobs, registered in many sites, but everytime I was cheated and left disheartened. Then one day I found a site which was really acceptable. They won't even ask you to invest a large amount of money to get started.

Through this site you can earn just by posting their ads. But, I would like to mention that if you are serious then only you must apply, because it needs your complete dedication. You have to work hard in this job.
It is an organisation named EIFH GLOBALBIZ.
So, if  you are interested and you want to make some money from home then log in to

Why blogging is now an important tool for YOUR online business?

If you are a freelancer, a blog serves as an important tool for your business. I always suggest to have simple language, so I will follow my own suggestion and explain you in a very simple manner.

Following I have mentioned some points to explain you the importance of blog.

Web Presence: If you have a blog, then, you and your freelancing business has an immediate online presence, especially if you can get a URL with all or part of your business name in it.

It describes and lists your services : you can create a separate static web page that describes the products or services offered by you. Clients see what type of business you are in just by reading the page.

Home for Your Portfolio: You can create a separate static page to showcase your professional portfolio i.e samples of your best work or link to websites that include your work. Visitors get a good idea of what your abilities are.

Networking: It provides an opportunity to create a good network and reach a wider audience.

Boost your revenue

Generate better search engine ranking

Develop relationships with your audience through open communication

Build a community of interested followers

Humanize your business and let your potential customers feel comfortable buying from you.

Establish yourself as a leading expert in your industry. It allows you to position yourself as an expert while letting clients learn more about you. By creating helpful or informative posts on topics relevant to your freelancing specialty, you can establish your professional authority in your field

Blogs offer easy-to-use, cost-effective web publishing and content management tools.

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How to write a blog to bring more visitors

A blog is like a diary or journal. It shares the information and experience on a particular subject. Blogs are written by one person and must be updated pretty regularly. Make your blog an interactive site by adding updated posts, so that viewers can comment on them. If your blog is an interesting one, it won’t take long to create quite a following.

Tips on creating a good blog post.

To make you understand more easily, I will explain it in a simple pointwise manner.

1) Choose a subject for your blog in which you feel comfortable, otherwise it will be very difficult to maintain the motivation to write regularly.

2) Make a note of all the important points that you want should appear in your blog and start writing your blog accordingly.

3) Choose the appropriate keywords as it very important in the search engine rankings of your post.

4) Optimize your blog post titles. Your post title is the name that you give to your post when you write a new post. It appears as a heading above the body of the post when you open a post page. It gives an unique identity to the post.

5) Make the first Paragraph of your blog attractive and write in such a way that it initiates urge in the readers mind to read the full post. Include your keywords wherever relevant. The first Paragraph of your blog post seeks great importance in case of visitors and search engines as well.

6) As the visitors to your blog will be from all over the world, use simple language to meet different levels of understanding of people throughout the world.

7) While using keywords in your blog always remember to use it where it is relevant. Don’t flood your blog with keywords.

8) Create internal links to other posts of your blog.

9) Add images in your blog post for a better user experience.

10) Make the ending of your post reactive that is end your post writing in such a way so that the reader responds. For example, you can ask them to comment on your post, subscribe to your blog, or you can ask them to give suggestions on your post,etc. As I have done.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Earn Money By Writing Blogs

Yes you read  it right ! If you can write,then, have your blog and earn money from it.
I feel it is the best online business that anyone can do. You may be wondering how it is possible?.
Don’t worry I will give you a brief idea about it.
First and foremost, you have to judge your own self, as to know, in which area you are specialized in.
 Then choose a topic, in which you are a master and have complete knowledge of every bit of it. As I am a certified and qualified beautician, I have created a blog on skin care www.naturalskincare81.blogspot.com

Sign up in blogger.com. For this, you must have an account with google. If you don’t have so, then create one.
After signing up in blogger.com, create your own blog and start blogging.
Create regular posts and keep your blog updated. Promote your blog and bring visitors to your blog.
When you have sufficient visitors, then monetize your  blog to advertize providing organizations.
Example: Google Adsense, Speedyads, Adgoing, Adsforindians, Adbrite, etc.
I know right now, the main question arising in your mind is “Why to monetize my blog?” and “How will I earn money?”.
I will explain it to you in simple words. When you have enough traffic i.e visitors to your blog and you monetize your blog, the advertisement providing organizations will publish ads on your blog, which will be displayed to the visitors. When a visitor, visits your blog and clicks on the ad, you are paid for the click. So, the more you promote your blog , you have more visitors. More visitors means more clicks on the ad, which in turn will fetch you good amount of money.
So if you are a talented writer, don’t waste your talent. Use it, to earn your bread.